Disco Raja (2020) Telugu Full Movie Download

Story and Review:

Disco Raja (2020) Telugu Full Movie HD Download. Disco Raja may be a 2020 Indian Telugu-language fantasy action film directed by Vi Anand. It stars Ravi Teja within the titular role along side Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope, Bobby Simha, Vennela Kishore, Satya and Sunil. Ram Talluri produced the film under SRT Entertainments banner, while S. Thaman composed the music.

The film follows a dead man discovered to be frozen within the mountains of Ladakh. Once brought back to life using advanced technology by doctors at the Re-Live lab, he attempts to seek out out his identity and therefore the people liable for killing him. You Might Also Download: Darbar (2020) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download In HD Quality

Movie Information:

Movie Name: Disco Raja
Starring: Ravi Teja, Payal Rajput, Nabha Natesh, Tanya Hope
Country: India
Language: Telugu
Writers: Vi Anand, Abburi Ravi
Directed by: Vi Anand
Release date: 4 January 2020

Disco Raja was released theatrically on 24 January 2020, receiving mixed reviews from critics. Despite praise for Teja’s performance and Thaman’s music, the film became a billboard failure. thanks to the disappointing box office performance, Teja decided to not experiment together with his roles within the future, and plans for a sequel were also canceled.

A brutally attacked man left for dead within the mountain ranges of Ladakh is found frozen by an expedition team. he’s taken to the Re-Live lab where doctor Shishir introduces a technology which will revive dead people, to doctor Parineeti and her colleague (Vennela Kishore). Following the experiment, the topic wakes up but with no memory of his past. On the opposite hand, his girlfriend Nabha explains to a loan officer that he, Vasu, handled multiple professions from day to nighttime during which she fell for him. You Might Also Download: World Famous Lover (2020) Telugu Full Movie Download In HD Quality

Disco Raja (2020) Telugu Full Movie Download

While checking out his stepbrother Kaushik who snatched the family’s money, Vasu found him but never returned. She also reveals that Vasu’s relations are literally orphans who came to measure together. Back to the lab, Vasu escapes using Parineeti’s card but is recaptured after he faints thanks to being exposed to heavy lighting. Parineeti then explains he was killed by someone and revived by the doctors. However, Parineeti is adamant on making Vasu revive his memories, and retrieves a commodity found together with his corpse, giving it to Vennela for servicing.

In an effort to realize attention of these who remember him, Vasu thrashes a minister and therefore the video goes viral following his arrest. An aged gangster named Burma Sethu is surprised to seek out him alive and sends his men to select him from the police headquarters . The henchmen deduct Vasu, his brother and therefore the doctors. You Might Also Download: Local Boy (2020) Telugu Full Movie Download In HD Quality

Disco Raja (2020) Telugu Full Movie Download

Circumstances force Vennela to throw out Vasu’s package given by Parineeti, and Vasu picks up the package to seek out a music player and headphones. taking note of the music, his memories are revived and he fights off the henchmen, revealing himself to be Disco Raj, before Shishir explains Raj’s actual age is 70 as he was frozen for 35 years; he’s possibly not Vasu.

Raj takes Vennela along side him on a search to rediscover his identity. within the hospital, an injured Shishir explains to Sethu about Raj’s revival. Raj visits the Madras Bar founded by him, where a lover explains how Raj wont to be a music-loving gangster hostile with Sethu, a rival gangster whose refusal to collaborate sparked a gang war. Both parties killed each other’s members, but Raj succeeded in getting Sethu arrested for all times .

Disco Raja (2020) Telugu Full Movie Download

Raj also fell for a deaf and mute girl named Helen who initially declined but eventually reciprocated. When she got pregnant before marriage, Raj married her, faked his own death and left behind his gang. However, Sethu was free of prison and vengefully killed Raj’s gang members. Raj and Helen were also attacked in Ladakh, but Raj managed to send Helen away during a truck before himself getting killed.
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