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Story and Review:

Okka Kshanam (Shoorveer 2) Full Movie Download In 720p. Jeeva (Allu Sirish) is Associate in Nursing engineering graduate with fond oldsters UN agency appear to own Associate in Nursing obsession with the retro era. The lady he falls taken with with, Jo (Surbhi), lives along with her sister’s family. however what happens once their lives begin mirroring with another couple’s? that’s what the film is all regarding.

Review: Jeeva (Allu Sirish) is your typical everyday man – Associate in Nursing engineering graduate and science professional however unemployed, has fond oldsters who appear stuck within the record player era and loves taking part in games on his phone once bored. He falls taken with with the lady he has simply met within the automobile parking space, Jo (Surbhi) – Associate in Nursing student with a broken mortise joint and geeky glasses. Jo could be a parentless orphan UN agency lives along with her pregnant sister, relative-in-law and kinswoman. each families area unit pleased with the match and there appears to be nothing stopping a happy-forever ending for them!

Movie Information:

Movie Name: Shoorveer 2
Starring: Allu Sirish, Surabhi, Srinivas Avasarala
Country: India
Language: Hindi, telugu
Directed: Vi Anand
Produced: Chakri Chigurupati
Written : Vi Anand [story and screenplay]
Genres: Romance, Thriller

However, since Jo is incapacitated at the instant with nothing a lot of to try to to, she turns into a Hitchcockian looker and creepily is aware of everything regarding the ins and outs of all the residents living within the building opposite hers. however it’s the one couple bang opposite her lodging that appear to catch her eye – a newly-married Srinivas (Avasarala) and Swathy (Seerat) who fight tons. as a result of Jo is insistent that Srinivas is Associate in Nursing abusive husband, resolute torture Swathy, Jeeva decides to seek out out all regarding the couple before inform fingers. within the method, he finds out that his and Jo’s life appears to mirror Srinivas and Swathy’s lives, right right down to the minutest details. however he currently fights to stay their lives from derailing just like the alternative couple’s is what ‘Okka Kshanam’ is all regarding, however simply on the surface.Okka Kshanam (Shoorveer 2) Full Movie Download

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‘Okka Kshanam’ tries extremely laborious to float over the standard Tollywood formula whereas attempting to narrate a brand new idea. However, at the top once the hero saves the day, one extremely can’t facilitate however marvel if that’s what director Vi Anand wished to try to to. the primary half the film takes its time to line up the nuances of all the characters within the film and to explore the idea of life history. However, the reactions of Jeeva and Jo at searching for that their life is mirroring somebody else’s, bump into additional as a caricature of the pure horror they’re presupposed to portray.Okka Kshanam (Shoorveer 2) Full Movie Download

Post interval, one expects the film to explore additional of a “parallel lives” theory or provide some clarification for everything that’s happening aside from ‘science’, however nothing of that kind happens. One even expects that {the reason|the rationale|the clarification} for a key event within the film would have a higher explanation, however that doesn’t happen either. In fact, by the end, the story veers additional towards unoriginal crime, way out from wherever the story started off as. You Might Also Download: Vinaya Vidheya Rama (2019) Ram Charan Movie Hindi Dubbed Free HD Download

Allu Sirish did the simplest he might and appears to own improved from his previous outings. Surabhi is nice enough as Jo, taking part in her role with ease. amazingly, it’s Seerat Kapoor and Srinivas Avasarala UN agency area unit the celebrities of ‘movie online, okka kshanam telugu movie download, okka kshanam movie online,okka kshanam full movie in telugu download.okka kshanam movie download free,oka kshanam full movie, okka kshanam full movie download hd, okka kshanam full movie download.okka kshanam full length movie, shoorveer 2 full movie hindi dubbed download, shoorveer 2 full movie hindi dubbed download 480p, Shoorveer 2 (Okka Kshanam) 2019 Hindi Dubbed, New South Indian Movie Hindi Dubbed 2019 download,Latest South Indian Hindi … Okka Kshanam (Shoorveer 2) 2019 South Movie Hindi Dubbed

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