Rahasya Romancha Series (2020) Bengali Full Wrb Series Download

Story and Review:

Rahasya Romancha Series (2020) Bengali Full Wrb Series Download. One series, three mysteries. Enjoy an adventurous ride with the stories of a serial murderer , a mechanic, and a gambler. At first, it might seem that the evening’s entertainment is close to hit a really agile one. As time goes on, the viewer’s mind will shift to happiness. The new web series, ‘Mystery Romance Series’, has been launched in Hichai. as much because the poster of this series had raised hopes, it had been not expected. What started as a full-fledged movie, not just an internet series, was the work of the mystery thriller series.

Two independent film producers-directors were set to form a thriller that was released in theaters. within the end, the producers surrendered to the platform instead. The budget was nominal from the start . because it happens in any independent film venture. The shooting was a touch less consistent. You Might Also Download: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Dual Audio Full Movie Download In HD Quality

Movie Information:

Movie Name: Rahasya Romancha Series
Starring: Rudranil Ghosh, Kharaj Mukherjee, Judhajit Sarkar, Saayoni Ghosh, Kanchan Mullick
Country: India
Language: Bengali
Release date: 9 August 2019

The joint producers of the series are Souman Bose and Abhurup Ghosh and therefore the screenplay is directed by Abhinav Ghosh. Souman himself plays the primary story. a complete of 5 stories are divided into five episodes. If the stories weren’t so easily realized, this series would are really exciting. Viewers who are familiar with watching regular thrillers will start to observe episodes after guessing what might happen within the end which will happen in 5% of the cases. You Might Also Download: Dupur Thakurpo Season 3 Full Movie Download In HD QualityRahasya Romancha Series (2020) Bengali Full Wrb Series Download

The thrill of the performance of Priyanka Sarkar, Rudranil Ghosh, Kanchan Mallick, Vishwanath Chakraborty, Pritam Gangopadhyay, where the low-lying, parts of it are said to possess gone down. The weakest first story is ‘Jhuntu Motors’ and therefore the most notable is that the last ‘Storm Night’, where the drama is slow and fast. the matter is that viewers of the online have watched this national thriller such a lot that there’s not much to realize .
If the receipt is from anything, it’s acting, especially within the last story ‘Night of the Storm’. This story ends in an episode. the remainder of the story is broken into two episodes. Filming for ‘Stormy Night’ is even better than the remainder of the story. Priyanka Sarkar, Viswanath Chakraborty and Pritam Gangopadhyay tried to captivate the audience. The ending is additionally startling. this is often not just a story but a Predictable. You Might Also Download: Kavita Bhabhi (2020) Hindi Full Web Series Download In HD Quality

Rahasya Romancha Series (2020) Bengali Full Wrb Series Download

The series can’t be praised for raising its hands, nor throwing it away completely. within the first two stories, viewers will find a sort of mural. you’ll find it within the third story too, but it’s much clearer within the first story. Not an excellent thriller ‘Mystery Thrill Series’. That morale or morality leaves little impression on the viewer as all three stories speak of ethical degradation within the city. That, of course, may be a little too familiar to the viewer.

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